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Waikiki School Sustainability Initiatives  

By: Mrs. Nannette Pawlak Ganotisi, NBCT


Sustainable Greetings Mindful Waikiki Ohana!

Our mindful school continues our sustainable efforts in new ways this year.  This year, returning teacher, Mrs. Nannette Ganotisi will be the Sustainability Coordinator and Sustainability Teacher for all grades.  Weekly Sustainability Classes will engage students in hands on activities focused on;

  1. Sustaining what we have; taking care of what we have

  2. Sustaining relationships; taking care of each other through Habits of Mind

  3. Sustenance, growing our own food with our own hands connecting directly to the Source of Nature that sustains all living things.


Mr. Brandon Martyn, Waikiki School Farm Director, will manage our School Food Farm working with students, staff, and community partners to engage our Waikiki Community in Farm to Table Initiatives.  


Ms. Nicole Hahn, Waikiki School Worm Club Advisor and Garden Club Assistant will teach students in grades 3-5 about composting, vermi casting, and gardening techniques weekly during the student lunch period.


Aina in Schools, a program of the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation has been part of our mindful school since 2008.  The idea is “growing healthy keiki, schools, and communities” through monthly lessons shared by volunteer docents.  These lessons include gardens, nutrition, and composting.  


We invite students and their families to explore our school fruit orchards, peace garden and many vegetable garden beds on campus.  We welcome you to enjoy ripe fruits that have fallen to the ground or pick ripe vegetables during the school breaks.  Our Waikiki Fruits are grown with aloha thanks to all of the people past, present, and future who have made these wonderful gardens flourish on campus.


It does take a village to maintain so many garden beds and fruit trees.  We also welcome volunteers who can help us with maintenance, lessons, and watering.  Please contact Mrs. Ganotisi if you and your family would like to volunteer.





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